Nanomon – Nanopool Ethereum iOS Monitor

NanomonETH – simple application for Ethereum mining monitoring on Nanopool. Shows Ethereum statistics of your ETH address.

UPD: The app was totally free, but my hope of donations broke, forced to make it cost $0.99.

But if you really like it, you can say “thank you” here: 0x99910e7d8895248320744b6f9a49f8afb1ad8b31

Version 1.40:

  • Fixed “Shares” chart
  • Small fixes and internal improvements
  • Sorry guys & girls, my hope of donations broke, forced to make it cost $0.99


Version 1.35:

  • Fixed issues caused by Pool API, again

Version 1.33:

  • iPhone X support
  • Fixed issues caused by Pool API

Version 1.3:

  • “Today Sidebar” widget with most important data

Version 1.2:

  • Small fixes and internal improvements

Version 1.1:

  • Fixed crash on receiving empty data
  • Fixed crash on touching charts outside lines
  • At last, calculator added as you asked
  • Added settings:
    – user can disable notifications
    – user can hide offline workers

Version 1.0:

  • first release full of bugs 😉



People say about NanomonETH:

Download Nanopool Ethereum iPhone app to monitor Nano pool account


Thanks a lot for your donations. I received donations from:

  • 0x4c950b3f101a275Ab459F38c5932983d4622838e – 0.07 ETH

38 thoughts on “Nanomon – Nanopool Ethereum iOS Monitor

  1. Very useful app 10/10! I love it and it’s the best Nanopool monitor on the App Store.

    Also, could you please add the MHash/ETH,BTC,USD calculator from the API so you can see your profit over time?

      1. Hello mate..seems like this is an awesome app..but I need some assistance to setup an account.for name of wallet I have given my wallet address and what should I enter for account address??where I can find my account address..please help me.many thanks

    1. i would like to have an option to show my sia.nanopool dual mining as well.. that would be cool since the api is the same..! also a total profit combining the two would be an awesome feature!

    2. How did you setup your account..??im struggling with it.i have given my wallet address as name of account.and what should be the account address??where I can find it.please help me

  2. Приветствую! Это пользователь вашего приложения )) Пришло от вас сообщение на почту, первый раз разработчик так оперативно отреагировал – благодарю )) Я описывал проблему с SE устройством. Где можно сообщить вам данные?

    1. И я вас благодарю, что вы помогаете решить проблемы приложения. Мы можем обсудить тут или если не хотите выкладывать адрес своего акканута здесь, напишите мне его на почту ( Я попробую продебажить апп с вашими данными.

      1. Hey Dimas, Great App! Is there something broken? I’m unable to fetch mit data in the App atm. It says like „connection error“


        1. Yep, today i also had same issue. It’s on the pool side, web page also loaded too long. It could be because of overload or DDOS. Now i see they resolved issue and everything works as expected.

  3. Very cool project, love the app. Would you make one for Zcoin and other Nanopool currencies in the future? Also, I’m really interested in the coding side of this, any source code we could see?

    1. Thanks a lot for feedback. I will write for other coins, when have free time. As for last question – sorry, it’s not an open source, no code will be provided.

  4. Are you planning to add all other coins which are supported by Nanopool? Would love to be able to monitor all coins supported by Nanopool.

    Great app btw, best out there!

  5. The error mesaage for no connection says “Connetcion error”.
    I don’t know if it is intentional or not but my OCD is acting up

        1. Hello Habi. I’m also having this issue sometimes. It’s because server did not respond in time. Nanopool API sometimes not return proper JSONs or connection could be refused. Can’t do a thing with it on my side. Sorry.

          1. I fully agree that it’s not your problem that there’s a connection error!
            The ‘problem’ is the typo in the message: ‘Connetcion’ instead of ‘Connection’ 🙂

          2. Did you see my reply?
            The problem is *not* that the Nanopool API does not work, but that your app tells the users that there is a ‘Connetcion’ error.
            It should say there is a ‘Connection’ error, it’s a simple typo in *your* app…

          3. Sorry, fell out with my work, had no time to check what’s happen here. I’ll fix this typo in next release, but not sure when it’ll be. Thanks =)

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