How fake HR from play-2-earn game ( can steal your crypto

I’ve got an opportunity (so called) to make an iOS crypto trading app from “HR” via Telegram. “Sara” (wissdome.eth, tg:@wissdome_eth, proposed to make an app for online MMORPG Mysticia (

She or he or whoever it could be, asked to download their “game” and try before scheduled meeting via Google Meet (invite sent from

I’ve checked their team, there were guys/girls from France, Israel, US, Pakistan and Poland, seems everything ok.

Then i downloaded game installer, but scanned using VirusTotal previously before run it and that’s what i’ve got (link to VirusTotal):

Fake HR said “wait a minute, i’ll ask” and disappeared. Ok, i connected to Google Meet but no one came. 🤷🏻 I googled more about play-2-earn games (hashbreaker, stealer) and found something what proves my thoughts:

“Game” is changing Chrome/Brave/Opera/etc browser files to get access to wallets like Metamask and others:

Summary: filter incoming information, use critical thinking, remember that everyone can be an enemy and help Ukraine 🇺🇦 ! BTW, my Telegram (tg:@gorevoy) avatar is an NFT from UACatsDivision (not an advertisement, you can google it by yourself if interested).

Currently opened for new opportunities. 😘

UPD: More to read about this topc:
Bloomberg: A Fake Job Offer Opened the Door to a Suspected North Korean Crypto Hack